The origins of the first United Methodist Church can be traced to 1831 when the preacher Elijah Pilcher arrived in "Jacksonburgh" to serve the town's growing Methodist Community.

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Summer Classes (July 3 - September 4, 2016)

Adults:    Faith and Fellowship Hour

                Adult Bible Study


Sunday School (During the school year - 2nd Sunday in September to last Sunday in June)

9:40am - Sunday School is available for adults.

9:40am - Sunday School is available for children of all ages.

                A Nursery is available for children through pre-school.

At First UMC Jackson we use the Orange curriculum and philosophy. Orange is created when the the Church - Light of Christ (Yellow) and the Heart of the Family (Red) come together to create Orange. Through this partnership we can have a greater impact on our young people.


Bible Studies and other classes for adults are available at different times throughout the week. Please contact the church office to see what is currently available.


Orange Offers A Plan To Reinforce Christian Values

One of the major themes of the Orange principle is to emphasize the importance of the family and the church working together. When we are new parents, we often seek advice from other parents for direction and sharing of problems. But how often do we share our faith experiences and support parents as they develop a strategy to provide a meaningful religious foundation for their children? By working together, we can encourage and support one another in faith and have a positive influence, as we all are part of raising and nurturing our children.

As we tie the church and the family together in Orange, we could take time to share a Bible story with the child, we could ask them about their church experience, we could use a school or play situation as a 'teaching moment' to understand the church message. With the church and family working together and strengthening each other, we can make a difference!

The church and the family both want to see the best for the children they are devoted to. We can be more intentional about showing our children how the Bible lessons apply to each day's living. Understanding, and living the message will reinforce the words that they hear in church. It may be a simple message, but it can also be very powerful.
Think Orange - the church and the family, can make a difference together.

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